About Grace

GRACE supports women with gynaecological cancers by raising awareness, funding research and providing local hospitals with vital surgical equipment.


Raise standards of gynaecological cancer care and treatment for women across Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire

Promote early diagnosis and treatment through awareness and;

Raise funds to support ground-breaking research into the cause, progression and treatment of gynaecological cancers


In the UK, 21,000 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer every year. This is 58 women diagnosed every day, and 21 of these will die.

GRACE is dedicated to research which will improve the treatment, recovery, and survival rates of women diagnosed in the future, and are currently involved in several projects including investigation of chemotherapy resistant ovarian cancers. Its findings feed into the wider UK network, helping to influence and shape the diagnosis and treatment of these women.

Meet Our Trustees

Mr. Simon Butler-Manuel – Founder

Richard Willacy – Treasurer

Dr. Adrian Franklin

Dr. Aggie Michael

Caroline Hobbs

Hellen Revenko

Miss Helen Nicks

Katrina Mack

Meet Our Associates

Dr. Alex Stewart

Mr. Anil Tailor

Mr. Jayanta Chatterjee

Dr. Kavitha Madhuri

Admin and Fundraising

Gemma Hodgkiss -Fundraising

Nicola Pegler – Fundraising

Rufaro Mazarura РMarketing 

Sinead Rivett – Administrator

Grace Women

Hannah Baker

Cathy Butcher

Lorna Cattle

Sue Clarke

Emma Louise Davies

Pandy Dean

Lucy Dodds

Mary Doris Foot

Janet Gover

Bridget Green

Anne Holton

Paula Jarvis

Wendy Marcel


Hellen Revenko

Gerry Walsh

Jo-Ann Williamson

grace Women In Memoriam

Madeline Townsend

Beverley Hopkins

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