vaginal CANCER

Vaginal cancer is cancer that affects the vagina. Vaginal cancer is rare, especially in women under 40. Cancer of the vagina is rare with fewer than 300 women diagnosed each year in the UK, with just over 100 women dying of the disease.


  • Bleeding after the menopause.
  • Bleeding after sex or pain during sex.
  • Bleeding between periods or a bloodstained vaginal discharge
  • A lump or mass in or at the entrance to the vagina.
  • An itch in your vagina that will not go away.
  • Pain when urinating, or needing to got to the toilet often.

If you think you might have symptoms, it’s unlikely that you have vaginal cancer. But it’s best to get checked so that any serious problems can be ruled out.

You will not be wasting your doctor’s time. If it is cancer, getting diagnosed early can mean treatment is more likely to be effective.