At this difficult time where there are changes to the way women are able to be seen and treated for their gynaeoncological concerns, we recognise that many women with symptoms may feel discouraged from seeking an appointment with their GP or be confused about what to do next.

GRACE charity has responded by diverting its resources to raise awareness of the need to still seek help if you are experiencing worrying symptoms in order to ensure the early diagnosis and intervention that we know saves lives.

We aim to bust the myths surrounding COVID and cancer and will be doing all we can to bring clear, current messages to women about how and when to reach out for medical help, and the way in which treatments for current patients will occur. We will draw on and share the expertise of our team of specialist gynae doctors here at GRACE who are also Trustees of the charity, and who are all still seeing patients in a variety of ways at this time.

Please follow our social media for regular updates including Q & As with the medics and interviews with GRACE women who are currently receiving consultations and treatment during the lockdown.

Cancer does not stop for COVID.

Early diagnosis saves lives.

Contact your GP if you have worrying symptoms.

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