On Sunday 5th May, Haslemere experienced a magical afternoon.

Roger Macdivitt, a GRACE fundraiser and awareness promoter arranged for twenty-two families and friends to share in a scavenger hunt and treasure trail across the fields and woodlands of Haslemere’s Swanbarn Farm.

Registration was overseen by a wizard who cast a good weather spell and ensured that everybody was able to see the unicorns when they met them. Families were invited to dress up to win a best dressed family prize. Many took part and added an extra bit of fun to the event.

The goal of the whole event was to find real unicorns somewhere in the Surrey countryside. On route the teams competed to score points by using knowledge, skill and luck. They threw giant darts, stared into kaleidoscopes, played cards and fished for little ducks and all of the time they looked for feathers, beechnuts, stones and conkers, all to gain points.

After about an hour the first families arrived at the beautifully situated Imbhams Farm where, amazingly, real unicorns grazed. The families continued to find clues, took part in a raffle, bought beautiful GRACE products and of course rode on beautiful real unicorns. The unicorns were happy and so were the delighted children.

Many children had their faces painted with magical stars and rainbows, unicorns and other magical things. The time came to count the points and check the costumes and two teams were chosen to share a special tea in the garden of the farm. Maggie Barlow, the estate owner, had worked hard, with a lot of help from her daughter and her business colleague, to create a wonderful experience and a delicious tea made mainly from the farms own wonderful natural produce. Two cakes were lovingly made and given by supporters.

The event was entertained with wonderful live music by Jennifer Prince and Deb and Doctor Kavitha Madhuri explained, in very easy to follow words, the wonderful work undertaken at St. Lukes by GRACE. Everyone learned a lot about the scope of the surgery and support that GRACE is involved in.

The event managed to raise its original financial goal and made £735 for the charity. Everyone agreed that it was a lovely way to enjoy a magical spring in England.

GRACE, Roger and Maggie are very grateful to a host of local people who contributed prizes, technical help and most of all their loving support.