Jill Bennett, from Brooklands Radio, talks to Dr Kavitha Madhuri and three gynaecological cancer patients about their experiences.

In an hour-long special programme, broadcast by Brooklands Radio on Gynaecological cancers, Jill Bennett interviews Dr Kavitha Madhuri from the Royal Surrey County Hospital, and cancer patients Lucy Dodds, Paula Jarvis and Jo-Ann Williamson.

Dr Kavitha Madhuri talks to Jill about the myths and misconceptions surrounding cervical screening and encourages more women to go for their smears. Dr Kavitha explains that the cervical smear test identifies HPV and pre-cancerous cells and having these smears can prevent nearly 75% of cervical cancer from developing. Cervical cancer is a preventable disease.

Lucy Dodds was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer following a routine smear test and subsequently had to have a radical hysterectomy. Lucy talks to Jill about the need for boys and girls to have the HPV vaccination to help prevent cancers caused as a result of the HPV virus.

Paula Jarvis, was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer after seeking medical advice when she experienced post-menopausal bleeding. Initially Paula’s smears were reported as ‘inadequate’. Paula advises other women to push for medical exploration if they are worried or experiencing unusual symptoms.

Jo-Ann Williamson was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Before being diagnosed, Jo-Ann was experiencing pains but no alarm bells rang. Jo-Ann urges women to familiarise themselves with the symptoms of gynaecological cancers.

All three women are keen to raise awareness to save other women from having to experience what they experienced.

Our thanks goes not only to Dr Kavitha, Lucy, Paula and Jo-Ann for taking part in this programme, but also Jill Bennett who put this programme together. By doing so, Jill is helping GRACE in our quest to raise awareness amongst women and ensure the early diagnosis and intervention that we know saves lives.

Jill Bennett praises the staff at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and the work carried out by GRACE.

Listen to the full programme here

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