In September 2016 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Up until that day I was an extremely fit middle aged woman with no health issues whatsoever. I worked six days a week, taught Zumba in the evenings and did 4 miles every morning before breakfast.I had no obvious symptoms. A nagging pain, like a period pain, that was just annoying more than anything else. A little bloated round the mid section, but I was middle aged….that happens. Maybe I needed to pee more often, but I put that down to the amount of water I drank.

Unfortunately they were all signs. In hindsight the symptoms were there, just so very mild I didn’t see them. After surgery I was told I had Carcinosarcoma of the ovary stage 3C. The cancer had spread. I am now post chemo and passionate about telling woman to be vigilant for signs of this hideous disease. I had my surgery at The Royal Surrey Guildford, and cannot think of a better way to say thank you for the amazing treatment I received, than to support their research and education programme. Walking 26 miles seems a little price to pay.

I have already had a woman thank me for introducing her to GRACE and the signs to look for with ovarian cancer. Knowledge is everything and will save lives.

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