Comment on Cancer Research Cervical Cancer Vaccine Report

Cancer Research UK has reported that the HPV vaccine is cutting cervical cancer by nearly 90% here is Mr Simon Butler Manuel’s comment on this story:
“While the vaccine is still not 100% effective there has clearly been a huge fall in the incidence of cervical cancer which is marvellous news.
However, simply due to their age, most women in the UK are not vaccinated and so that is the population still most at risk.
Therefore we continue to encourage people to get their children vaccinated when the opportunity arises – AND also to follow the NHS Cervical Screening programme.
This programme too has been an important public health success and also led to a huge reduction in the incidence and death from cervical cancer.
Therefore for the moment, we need to continue with both. But for future generations of women, once the ratio flips and we see most of the population vaccinated, we are likely to see changes in the programme.
For now, with most women not vaccinated, the screening programme is key and we continue to encourage women to attend their appointments when invited.”