Huge Congratulations and thanks to the Graceful ladies – Amanda Aeroporos, Naomi Farrar, Emma Jessop and Anne Dean for completing The Isle of Wight Ultramarathon in May to raise funds for GRACE. They had a very successful and enjoyable day, completing the race in 11.5 hours! They were extremely lucky with the weather, with clear skies and a light breeze! The event was amazingly organised with many stops providing food and first aid to help with any blisters, etc. The highlight had to be the finish with an amazing buffet dinner to give enough energy to get home for a good soak in the bath. This gruelling challenge covered 53.8 km of climbs, hills and descents along a varied and scenic trail. This is equivalent to 74,643 steps and apparently uses up 4,599 calories along the way.

Even more astounding than the physical challenge is the amount they raised – which is currently nudging £6,500. Our thanks also to Suzanne Whitehead, Amanda’s Mum, who is patient of Simon Butler-Manuel at the Royal Surrey and the inspiration for this fundraising event. Suzanne was diagnosed with ovarian cancer many years ago and has endured numerous cycles of chemotherapy and surgeries, but is back to leading a busy social life and living with cancer. Suzanne is a dedicated supporter of GRACE and the work we do raising awareness and improving diagnosis and treatment of the gynaecological cancers. Thank you Suzanne for your generous support of GRACE over the years and thanks also to your family and many friends that have supported this event.

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