A HUGE, HUGE, HUGE  thank you to everyone involved in Pandy’s latest fundraising initiative, is there nothing to hold this woman and her fundraising back! Pandy has raised almost £29,000 for GRACE to date and she continues to think up ever more FUN ways to raise money for our vital research. So thank you Pandy for Glitter & Lace for MacMillan & GRACE.

It was a full house. There were 42 dancers performing a variety of styles from classical ballet to hip hop. In total there were 23 dances. The nurses, and Kelly Underwood, who is a gynae cancer patient, and Adrian Franklin – Dr F – one of our oncologists, went down a BOMB with their rendition of TIME WARP.  Fiona, our CNS, played the part of Magenta and Dr F was Riff Raff. The nurses and Kelly also performed Boogie Woogie and Tequilla, looking fabulous in their sequins. Dr F took on a comedy piece called the Triplets from the musical The Band Wagon where he was dressed as a baby. The audience loved it. The night ended with the whole theatre standing in applause. Thank you so much to everyone who came on the night and supported us and everyone bought tickets for the raffle. It was a huge amount of work to those involved, rehearsing after long days at work in the hospital. But it was also a load of fun and totally bonding, and what the hell….. despite the blood and sweat and tears…. we raised a load of money for cancer research at the same time. Over £2,300 was raised for GRACE! Thank you everyone involved.