Mother’s Day Tea Weekend

Mothers Day is just around the corner and after such an unpredictable year, none of us wants to miss another celebration with our family and friends. So this Mothers Day Weekend, we’re inviting GRACE supporters across the country to host virtual or socially distanced fundraising tea parties to support women diagnosed with gynaecological cancer! 

Yes, we’re all probably a little bit tired of using Zoom… but this is the perfect opportunity to dress up, make a fuss, set the table, and enjoy some treats with the people you love.  We’re inviting you to host your own Goodness Gracious tea this March to get your favorite people together and help raise money to help women fighting cancer. So bake some delicious cake, pop open up a bottle of bubbly, and join our Mothers Day Tea Weekend! 

Be sure to ask your guests to donate to GRACE, whether you sell tickets to your event or you organize a raffle to go alongside the tea, visit our donate page to help us raise the vital donations we need to fund vital clinical equipment and research.

Tips for a Virtual Tea Party

  1. Surely everybody knows how to use zoom by now? But if not, be sure to familiarise yourself with the video conferencing software you want to use before your event and send some invites out to your friends and family.
  2. Choose a light and airy space to position your web camera and decorate your tea party area. Maybe consider sitting by a window to get the best light and pull out the old party decorations to make a real celebration of it.
  3. Make it Fun! Dress up, create a theme and make a fuss of it. Maybe ask somebody from each household to play the role of a butler and make a surprise appearance on screen?