Great news! GRACE has been accepted on to the AVIVA Community Fund.

We have applied for a grant of £1,000 towards a TrenGuard Patient Restraint System. This equipment comfortably keeps patients in a precise position during gynae surgery, when they are in a Trendelenburg position i.e feet are elevated higher than the head.

More details on the TrenGuard system can be found here.

In order to receive a grant from Aviva we need to generate a significant number of votes. This is where we need your help.

Please could you log in to the Aviva Community Fund and vote for GRACE? Each person is allowed to make 10 votes. You need to register in order to vote, which takes a few minutes. If you voted last year, your log in details are the same.

Once you have registered or logged in, search for GRACE or grace. Three projects will come up – ours is the first one.

W’e’d be so grateful if you could forward the link below to friends, colleagues family etc and ask them to vote for GRACE.

If you have multiple email addresses you can register under each email and cast your 10 votes from each email.

Thank you so much!