Senior Registrar, Kavitha Madhuri, will be taking part in the Easter Walk on 31st March. Here, she explains why:

“On Saturday 31st March, I will be taking part in the Easter Walk on behalf of GRACE.

Setting off from Windosr, I will be walking along the River Thames for 25km, enjoying the beautiful countryside and fantastic views of Windosr Castle. Despite the scenic surroundings, the walk will be a tough challenge and I’m training hard to make sure I’m in the best possible position to complete the distance. This seems like a small price to pay to support all the amazing work that GRACE does.

Working as a gynaeoncology doctor at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, every day I come into contact with women with gynaecological cancers. I am humbled by the spirit and courage of my patients and grateful for all the work that GRACE does to fund research and improve treatments for those diagnosed. As a result of GRACE funding, we have been able to off er novel treatments to our patients, including an innovative fertility sparing treatment off ered here at the RSCH.

As a small local charity, the money raised directly helps to support those diagnosed with gynaecological cancers and I am honoured to show my support by taking part in this challenge.

Thank you for joining hands with me to support GRACE.”

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