“I didn’t have any Symptoms” The Life-Changing Importance of The Smear Test

“It’s either 5 minutes of discomfort and embarrassment, or, and let’s be quite frank about it, you can die. 21 woman die every day of Cervical Cancer. 18,000 woman a year are diagnosed. Every time I think about how I was treated and the people I got to know, I feel really humbled by the whole process and feel so lucky… it’s really important for me that I now help to create more awareness about cervical cancer.” – Lucy Dodds

In this interview with Brooklands Radio, one of our lovely GRACE Women Lucy Dodds and one of our GRACE Researchers Dr. Kavitha Madhuri talk about the importance of getting your smear test, discuss misconceptions about Cervical Cancer and give advice to women who are concerned about the discomfort of getting your smear test done.