It’s Vulval Cancer Awareness Week!

This week, November 5th – 11th is Vulval Cancer Awareness Week! Throughout the week we’ll be sharing facts, stories and resources to help you better understand Vulval Cancer Awareness Week.

Vulval cancer is a rare type of cancer that affects the vulva, the outside parts of the female genitals. Around 1,300 women a year in the UK are diagnosed with it.

Common Symptoms of Vulval Cancer Include:

Itching, burning or soreness of the vulva that persists.
Blood-stained discharge.
Pain in the area of the vulva.
A lump or swelling over the vulva or a mole that changes shape or colour.
A burning sensation on passing urine.

Why is early diagnosis so important?

When diagnosed at its earliest stage, more than 9 in 10 people with Vulval Cancer will survive their disease for one year or more, compared with 4 in 10 when diagnosed at the latest stage.

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