Vulval Cancer

It’s Vulval Cancer Awareness Week!

It’s Vulval Cancer Awareness Week! This week, November 5th - 11th is Vulval Cancer Awareness Week! Throughout the week we’ll be sharing facts, stories and resources to help you better understand Vulval Cancer Awareness Week. Vulval cancer is a rare type of cancer that affects the vulva, the outside parts of the female genitals. Around

Janet Gover Speaks to Brooklands Radio

Janet Gover Speaks to Brooklands Radio This week is Vulval Cancer Awareness Week!  1,300 women are diagnosed with Vulvar Cancer each year in the UK and sadly 460 will die. To raise awareness for Vulval Cancer,  Janet Gover an award-winning author talked to Jill Bennett about her journey with cancer. Janet emphasised the importance of

Janet Gover’s Vulval Cancer Story

Janet Gover's Vulval Cancer Story I wanted to write my cancer story in the hope of helping other women, but now I come to do it, it's harder than I expected. Any cancer story is hard… I know that. But cancer of the vulva is hard on two counts. It strikes right at the core

5 Things You NEED to know about Vulval Cancer

Throughout the month of September, we’ll be sharing facts and resources about different types of Gynaecological to raise awareness and understanding. Today we want to help you better understand the origins, symptoms and diagnosis of Vulval Cancer.

Bridget Green on Brooklands Radio

Our lovely GRACE Woman, Bridget Green has spoken on Brooklands Radio about her experience of vulva cancer. It’s a fantastic interview and very informative, so click here to give it a listen and read her firsthand written account here.

GRACE Women: Bridget Green

Bridget Green's Vulval Cancer Story Before I begin my story, let me tell you about myself. My name is Bridget, I was 71 when diagnosed with cancer of the vulva and until that point had a healthy life. I had been suffering with Lichen Sclerosus for a few years. This condition effects the vaginal areas.


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