This week is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week! Throughout the week, we will be sharing stories, interviews, facts and resources to help you learn more about Cervical Cancer and the work GRACE is doing to support women experiencing it.

3 Reasons Why Seeking Cervical Cancer Advice Early Will Make a Huge Difference

Cervical Cancer is a preventable disease. If we can detect precancerous cells early through the Smear Test, we can prevent 75% of cancers from developing. It is estimated that the cervical screening programme (Smear Tests) saves around 5,000 lives per year. Read More

Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in the Midst of COVID-19 – Read Rebecca’s Emotional Story

“My life stood still on the 25th of March. Exactly 6 weeks after my Lletz surgery and two days after the lockdown was put in place. The last place I wanted to be was in hospital so it was agreed that I would have a telephone consultation with my consultant. I was told over the phone I had cancer.” – Rebecca Read More

The Life Changing Importance of The Smear Test

“It’s either 5 minutes of discomfort and embarrassment, or, and let’s be quite frank about it, you can die. 21 woman die every day of Cervical Cancer. 18,000 woman a year are diagnosed. Every time I think about how I was treated and the people I got to know, I feel really humbled by the whole process and feel so lucky… it’s really important for me that I now help to create more awareness about cervical cancer.” – Lucy Dodds Read More

6 Things You NEED To Know About Cervical Cancer

The cervical screening programme, which had been suspended due to COVID-19, has begun to be restored. There will be a prioritisation model for women invited but not screened and people with a delayed invitation. But anyone who is eligible, due a smear test and asks for it, will also be able get it. Here are six frequently asked questions about Cervical Cancer. Read More