A devastating 4,200 women in the UK die of ovarian cancer  every year, knowing the symptoms can save your life

“We should not put it off…If you’re worried, pick up the phone and talk to your GP”

Dr. Kavitha Madhuri talks about World Ovarian Cancer Day and raising awareness of this terrible disease. 

May 8th was World Ovarian Cancer Day. Across the world coalition partners including health care professionals, charity partners, industry leaders, ovarian cancer survivors and families came together in solidarity to raise awareness about Ovarian Cancer.

Ovarian Cancer has a devastating impact on women and on families and worldwide over 300,000 women are diagnosed each year and 180,000 die each year from Ovarian Cancer. This means we all know someone who has received an ovarian cancer diagnosis or has lost a family or friend. 


Ovarian Cancer is often diagnosed at a late stage due to the vague symptoms that women present with. Raising awareness is very important so that women may seek help.  Here you can listen to Dr.Kavitha Madhuri’s interview with Jill Bennett from Brooklands Radio.  Click here to learn more about the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.


Early diagnosis saves lives. Learn the signs & take action – it could save your life. 

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