Cathy Butcher

Thank you Cathy! Goodness Gracious Tea 2020

Thank you Cathy! Goodness Gracious Tea 2020 We want to say a huge thank you to Cathy Butcher who raised £215 (with gift aid £246.25) by hosting her own Goodness Gracious Tea competition! Cathy invited her friends to bake cakes and send photos of them to be judged by her husband (who was an impartial

“Get Checked Out and Put Your Mind At Rest”

"If you've got any worries at all don't worry about wasting anybody's time. It's much better to have it checked out and put your mind at rest. If it's nothing, great... but if there is something, catching it early is the best thing that can happen." During Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, GRACE Woman Cathy Butcher

GRACE Women: Cathy Butcher

“The moral of this story is that if you feel like something isn’t right, get it checked out.” Cathy Butcher's Endometrial Cancer Story So, this is my journey which started in June 2017. At the age of 49, I thought I was just going through the start of the menopause as I had read so

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