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Lydia Brain: My Gynae Month #3

More updates from Lydia for week 3 of Gynae Cancer Month... Day 15 of My Gynae Month is all about going out for dinner and drinks with the best gals and there is lots of talk about health, including gynae health, GO TEAM! They had a go at drawing the female reproductive system, well done to

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Lydia Brain: My Gynae Month #2

It's week 2 of Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month and Lydia is back with her daily posts from this week. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Day 8 and I’m catching up on #MyGynaeMonth posts because I have been busy at Bestival. To break up the dreary cancer chat I thought I would posts something uplifting,

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Lydia Brain: My Gynae Month #1

As part of Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, Lydia Brain has written about the impact that endometrial cancer has had on her life. We'll be sharing her updates on our blog, so follow along and let's chat about all things gynae! Week 1 Day 1 marks the start of Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month. This September to help

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GRACE Coverage in the Media

GRACE has had some great online coverage this month! Our devoted advocate Lydia Brain has written for Cosmopolitan, Net Doctor, and Babe sharing her experience of endometrial cancer. With Cosmo and Babe both having a younger readership, it's great that awareness of gynae cancers is being raised amongst younger women! A huge thank you to

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