Surrey Hills Soroptimists: talk by Dr Alex Stewart

A report by Hellen Revenko Dr Alex Stewart On 4 November, Dr Alex Stewart, gave a talk to the Surrey Hills Soroptimists. Dr Stewart is an oncologist working at Saint Luke’s Cancer Centre at Royal Surrey County Hospital and an Associate Member of the Board of Trustees of GRACE. The talk covered the cervical

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Bridget Green on Brooklands Radio

Our lovely GRACE Woman, Bridget Green has spoken on Brooklands Radio about her experience of vulva cancer. It’s a fantastic interview and very informative, so click here to give it a listen and read her firsthand written account here.

Thank You for Supporting our Cake Sale!

Thank you to everyone who bought and baked for the GRACE Christmas Cake and Product sale held at RSCH last Wednesday 20 November. We had a great day taking just over £1,000. We had a wonderful selection of donated cakes and biscuits including some traditional Czech Christmas Biscuits and Cream Horns made by Monika Urbova's


GRACE Women: Bridget Green

Bridget Green's Vulval Cancer Story Before I begin my story, let me tell you about myself. My name is Bridget, I was 71 when diagnosed with cancer of the vulva and until that point had a healthy life. I had been suffering with Lichen Sclerosus for a few years. This condition effects the vaginal areas.

From the Researcher’s Desk

Dr Hersha Patel We asked our Chair Simon Butler-Manuel and his Specialist Registrar Dr Hersha Patel, to reflect on the sometimes confusing messages given by the press and social media about cervical cancer screening and immunisation which often gives the impression that cervical cancer will soon be eradicated. They also reflect on the

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Lynda Raises Awareness on Brooklands Radio

Lynda Raises Awareness on Brooklands Radio We are very grateful to Lynda Dalton for sharing her experience of Robotic Surgery on Brooklands Radio as part of Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month and we’re so pleased to hear she continues to do well. Lynda kindly participated in the RoBoQoL study that we are recruiting to

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Anne Holton on Brooklands Radio

A big thank you to Anne Holton, who spoke on Brooklands Radio during Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month about how she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and her treatment (via robotic surgery at the RSCH) by GRACE chair Simon Butler-Manuel. Click the link below to have a listen! LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE

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