GRACE Women: Sue Clarke

Sue Clarke's Endometrial Cancer Story Ex midwife and GRACE Woman, Sue Clarke, was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2016. Here, she shares her experience of being diagnosed and treated for a gynaecological cancer, and how her passion for baking cakes made her get involved with GRACE. “For me, everything happened very very quickly. It was

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GRACE Women: Madeleine Townsend

The wonderful Madeleine Townsend passed away in October last year after suffering from a rare and unusually aggressive form of endometrial cancer. Here, her loving husband Peter Townsend talks about her diagnosis, treatment, and her inspiringly positive passion for life. “I am a retired gynaecologist and I worked closely with GRACE founder Simon Butler-Manuel. When

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GRACE Women: Lucy Dodds

Lucy Dodd's Cervical Cancer Story GRACE Woman Lucy Dodds, was diagnosed with cervical cancer last June after a routine cervical screening revealed abnormal cells. She shares her experience of being diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer and urges all women to attend their routine smear appointment. “2018 is not a year that I will forget in

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GRACE Women: Pandy Dean

Pandy Dean's Ovarian Cancer Story GRACE Woman Pandy Dean has been passionate about fundraising for GRACE since her ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2016. Here, she describes her experience of ovarian cancer and explains why increased awareness of the disease is so essential. “I had my surgery in September 2016. Prior to that I was really

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GRACE Women: Elizabeth

Our GRACE Woman, Elizabeth, is passionate about raising awareness of cervical cancer following her diagnosis last year. Here, she talks about her diagnosis and treatment, and urges all women to attend their cervical screening. “I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in January 2017. In late summer 2016, I started to get symptoms – a yellow

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GRACE Women: Hellen Revenko

Hellen Revenko's Endometrial Cancer Story One of our GRACE Women, Hellen Revenko visited her GP last year with some unusual symptoms and was later diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Here she shares her experience and stresses the importance of early diagnosis. “In April 2018, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. In January, I had seen my

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GRACE Women: Mary Doris Foot

Mary Doris Foot's Cancer Story I got involved with GRACE through the founder, Simon Butler Manuel. He gave me some information on the charity and I knew it was something I wanted to be involved with. I know too well what cancer does to people – it destroys lives. Simon is a brilliant surgeon, and

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